Sunday, 5 July 2015

Let's Brew posts views

I noticed that the some of the recipes I've posted get far more hits than others. Time to take a closer look.

And put together a table:

year beer style views date posted
1868 1868 William Younger No. 3 Export Strong Ale 4737 08/02/2012
1914 1914 Courage Imperial Stout 4323 29/02/2012
1859 1859 Barclay Perkins EI Porter 4268 22/11/2012
1952 1952 Lees Best Mild Mild 3727 28/07/2010
1923 1923 Courage Stout Stout 2932 14/11/2013
1811 1811 Whitbread Porter Porter 2810 05/01/2011
1967 1967 Eldridge Pope Hardy Ale Strong Ale 2744 13/03/2013
1945 1945 Tetley's Mild Mild 2542 16/01/2014
1987 1987 Boddington's Bitter Pale Ale 2540 02/05/2012
1890 1890 Truman Export Stout Stout 2527 06/01/2010
1936 1936 Mackeson Stout Stout 2513 07/10/2010
1935 Fullers OBE Strong Ale 2345 09/06/2010
1879 1879 William Younger No.1 Strong Ale 2334 18/01/2012
1928 1928 Barclay Perkins IPA IPA 2253 18/11/2010
1839 1839 Barclay Perkins XXX Mild 2248 24/03/2010
1909 1909 Maclay's Oatmalt Stout Stout 2035 13/06/2012
1909 1909 Beer Style Guide Courage Imperial Stout recipe correction Stout 1951 16/02/2012
1965 1965 Courage Light Ale Light Ale 1804 07/10/2009
1868 1868 Younger XP IPA 1734 15/09/2011
1943 1943 Whitbread Oat Mild Mild 1722 28/01/2010
1962 1962 Harp Lager Lager 1719 30/09/2009
1923 1923 Courage KKK Strong Ale 1679 07/11/2013
1896 1896 Eldridge Pope AK Pale Ale 1669 17/01/2013
1868 1868 Younger No. 3 Strong Ale 1669 28/09/2011
1934 1934 Kidd XXX Strong Ale 1633 13/04/2011
1911 1911 Russell AK Pale Ale 1606 24/08/2011
1987 1987 Oldham Mild Mild 1540 10/05/2012
1804 1804 Barclay Perkins Table Beer Table Beer 1519 04/11/2010
1971 1971 Whitbread Tankard Pale Ale 1513 04/12/2013
1945 1945 Tetley's Bitter Pale Ale 1510 05/02/2014
1834 1834 St. Stephen's Porter Porter 1510 14/01/2010
1885 1885 Younger XP IPA 1493 25/10/2013
1834 1834 Vassar Double Ale Ale 1487 12/10/2012
1955 1955 Whitbread Forest Brown Brown Ale 1463 04/03/2009
1885 1885 Usher's IP Pale Ale 1440 09/11/2011
1914 1914 Fullers AK Pale Ale 1408 18/08/2011
1923 1923 Courage X Mild 1366 21/11/2013
1987 1987 Boddington's Mild Mild 1338 16/05/2012
1928 1928 Barclay Perkins KK (bottling) Strong Ale 1337 18/03/2010
1930 1930 Whitbread AK Pale Ale 1285 03/08/2011
1972 1972 Whitbread Gold Label Strong Ale 1278 25/12/2013
1913 1913 William Younger No. 3 Strong Ale 1232 21/03/2012
1885 1885 Usher's PA Pale Ale 1224 16/11/2011
1913 1913 William Younger No. 1 Strong Ale 1220 28/03/2012
1923 1923 Barclay Perkins XLK Pale Ale 1216 02/02/2011
1879 1879 William Younger No.3 Strong Ale 1212 02/02/2012
1942 1942 Barclay Perkins KK Strong Ale 1205 02/03/2011
1923 1923 Fuller's XK Pale Ale 1200 07/02/2013
1883 1883 Truman Export Pale Ale Pale Ale 1192 13/07/2011
1823 1823 Devenish Porter Porter 1191 12/02/2014
1953 1953 Ben Truman Pale Ale 1164 22/04/2010
1867 1867 Courage Double Stout Stout 1142 08/08/2012
1948 1948 Portsmouth and Brighton United Breweries Pompey Royal Pale Ale 1142 27/06/2012
1933 1933 Barclay Perkins KKKK Strong Ale 1135 22/12/2010
1877 1877 Whitbread XPS Stout 1133 25/05/2011
1941 1941 Barclay Perkins IBS Stout 1130 11/02/2010
1959 1959 Watneys Brown Ale Brown Ale 1106 29/04/2015
1900 1900 Amsdell Porter Porter 1083 14/11/2012
1941 1941 Whitbread Strong IPA IPA 1080 15/10/2009
1955 1955 Fullers X Mild 1078 07/06/2012
1877 1877 Whitbread KKK Strong Ale 1064 09/07/2009
1833 1833 Vassar Pale Double Ale Ale 1055 01/11/2012
2000 Zum Uerige Alt Alt 1041 05/11/2014
1868 1868 Tetley's X3P Stout Stout 1032 15/08/2012
1955 1955 Whitbread XXX Mild 1028 03/03/2010
1895 1895 Truman Export Stout Stout 1026 25/07/2012
1921 1921 Truman XXX Mild 1018 28/05/2014
1952 1952 Mackeson Stout Stout 998 01/11/2010
1840 1840 Truman Export Stout Stout 990 07/07/2011
1942 1942 Barclay Perkins XX Mild 982 17/03/2011
1868 1868 William Younger DBS Stout 980 26/10/2011
1890 1890 Truman Imperial, Double and SS Stout Stout 974 28/04/2010
1924 1924 Barclay Perkins RNS Stout 960 11/07/2012
1971 1971 Whitbread Brewmaster Export Pale Ale 955 11/12/2013
1915 1915 Noakes Double Stout Stout 927 01/08/2012
1987 1987 Boddington's ELM Mild 915 23/05/2012
1879 1879 Whitbread XX Export Strong Ale 878 30/06/2011
1951 1951 Lees "C" Ale Strong Ale 872 25/07/2010
1933 1933 Kidd AK Pale Ale 867 06/04/2011
1962 1962 Barclay Perkins Sparkling Beer Lager 865 26/09/2012
1962 1962 Fullers ELP, LP, PA, LA Pale Ale 844 29/07/2009
1896 1896 Eldridge Pope LTS Stout 832 23/01/2013
1934 1934 Kidd PA Pale Ale 830 28/04/2011
1923 1923 Whitbread IPA IPA 826 16/04/2014
1938 Starkey, Knight and Ford Bitter of some sort Pale Ale 823 10/12/2014
1910 1910 Fuller's Porter Porter 821 28/02/2009
1868 1868 Younger 60/- Scotch Ale 819 13/10/2011
1934 1934 Barclay Perkins Draught Lager Lager 811 29/08/2012
1868 1868 William Younger 140/- Scotch Ale 809 05/10/2011
1950 1950 Whitbread Exp PA Pale Ale 807 20/07/2011
1971 1971 Whitbread Final Selection Strong Ale 796 19/12/2013
1868 1868 Younger Table Beer Table Beer 779 20/10/2011
1942 1942 Barclay Perkins XLK Pale Ale 778 11/03/2011
1949 1949 William Younger XXPS IPA 762 11/04/2012
1915 1915 Courage X Mild 751 11/03/2009
1864 1864 Lovibond XXXX Strong Ale 713 24/12/2014
1909 1909 Maclay PI 60/- Pale Ale 711 18/12/2013
1934 1934 Barclay Perkins Ale 4d Mild 702 12/01/2011
1911 1911 Heineken (Rotterdam) Gerstebeer  Lager 689 25/02/2015
1868 1868 William Younger Bg Porter 689 21/09/2011
1894 1894 Usher's Stout Stout 688 07/12/2011
1928 1928 Barclay Perkins IBS Stout 671 01/12/2010
1913 1913 Adnams XX Mild Mild 658 06/05/2015
1885 1885 Usher's 40/- Scotch Ale 657 24/11/2011
1958 1958 Lees Best Mild Mild 656 04/08/2010
1943 1943 Whitbread XXXX Mild 649 09/06/2009
1954 1954 Whitbread XXX Mild Mild 646 03/06/2015
1949 1949 William Younger DBS Stout 635 26/04/2012
1868 1868 William Younger 120/- Scotch Ale 633 03/11/2011
1938 1938 Starkey, Knight and Ford Milk Stout Stout 623 03/12/2014
1924 1924 Barclay Perkins Export PA Pale Ale 620 11/05/2011
1921 1921 Barclay Perkins BS S Irish Stout type Stout 614 10/03/2010
1936 1936 Barclay Perkins KKKK Strong Ale 607 01/07/2009
1962 1962 Fullers Nourishing Stout Stout 603 04/08/2009
1923 1923 Whitbread IPA IPA 596 02/03/2009
1919 1919 Barclay Perkins X Mild 594 19/01/2011
1890 1890 Adnams XX Mild 569 13/05/2015
1868 1868 William Younger No. 2 Strong Ale 565 22/02/2012
1936 1936 Barclay Perkins DB Brown Ale 559 25/06/2009
1925 1925 Barclay Perkins Dark Lager Lager 540 25/03/2015
1955 1955 Fullers Old Harry Brown Ale 538 08/04/2015
1952 1952 Strong XXX Mild Mild 536 27/05/2015
1920 1920 Fullers XX Mild 534 18/12/2009
1923 1923 Barclay Perkins XLK Pale Ale 519 08/12/2010
1959 1959 Watneys XX Mild Mild 517 20/05/2015
1871 1871 Carlsberg Mild Mild 507 22/05/2015
1928 1928 Barclay Perkins Export PA Pale Ale 503 14/10/2010
1962 1962 Fullers OH Brown Ale 503 22/07/2009
1894 1894 Usher's PA Pale Ale 500 16/12/2011
1911 1911 Heineken Bok Lager 499 04/03/2015
1911 1911 Heineken Pils Lager 488 11/03/2015
1957 1957 Robert Younger Export Pale Ale 464 22/04/2015
1928 1928 Barclay Perkins Ale 4d Mild 454 11/11/2010
1938 1938 Starkey, Knight and Ford FA Mild 451 17/12/2014
1928 1928 Barclay Perkins Export Lager 438 18/03/2015
1941 1941 Whitbread weak IPA IPA 432 21/10/2009
1953 1953 Lees Stout Stout 419 29/09/2010
1954 1954 Lees Golden Brew Strong Ale 417 15/04/2015
1932 1932 Barclay Perkins Draught Lager Lager 417 01/04/2015
1939 1939 Barclay Perkins Sparkling Beer Lager 406 21/02/2015
1953 1953 Truman No.7 Mild 401 27/01/2011
1921 1921 Barclay Perkins PA Pale Ale 398 24/02/2010
1950 1950 Whitbread Best Ale Mild 397 13/05/2009
1849 1849 Barclay Perkins EI Porter 389 27/02/2009
1923 1923 Whitbread Mild Mild 388 01/03/2009
1864 1864 Christmas beer Strong Ale 381 24/12/2009
1920 1920 Fullers PA, AK, XK Pale Ale 360 06/05/2009
1952 1952 Strong Black Bess Stout Stout 355 17/06/2015
1909 1909 Maclays 54/- PI Pale Ale 303 19/08/2009
1920 1920 Fullers XX Mild 296 22/02/2009
1917 1917 Whitbread GA and 1918 Whitbread MA Mild 295 01/04/2009
1918 1918 Whitbread IPA IPA 268 15/04/2009
1860 1860 Truman XXX Mild 268 23/02/2009
1917 1917 Whitbread IPA IPA 256 07/04/2009
1918 1918 Courage X Mild 251 18/03/2009
1914 1914 Ushers 48/- and 54/- Pale Ale 246 23/09/2009
1917 1917 Whitbread X Mild 245 25/03/2009
1950 1950 Whitbread Mild Mild 237 09/03/2009
1923 1923 Whitbread 1923 PA Pale Ale 234 03/03/2009
1936 1936 Barclay Perkins KKKK Strong Ale 226 02/07/2009
1918 1918 Barclay Perkins GA Mild 211 04/02/2010
1942 1942 Barclay Perkins KK Strong Ale 201 05/06/2009

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my old favourites, Younger's No. 3, top the list. And that there were two Milds in the top 10, Lees and Tetley. Though several home brewers have told me how much they like the Lees Best Mild and how the regularly make it.

That Harp Lager fell just outside the top 20 is quite a shock. Then again, Harp is a beer that weqirdly fascinates me.

If I'm honest, many of the results baffle me. Why the lack of love for Lees Stout? And how come Devenish Porter beats Ben Truman?

Sorry being a bit lazy today.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Haight

No breakfast worries this morning. My doggy bag of BBQ contains more than enough for the rest of my stay in San Francisco. Possibly enough for the rest of the month.

With my taxi bill cosying up to Dolores and threatening to kick me out of my home, I decide to walk.

I should tell you where I’m going, I suppose. Or maybe why first. Or when. Or how.

Why? Because it’s in walking distance (see previous comment about taxi bill). And I’m getting the hang of getting about in San Francisco: don’t walk up a hill unless you have to.

When? Just before midday.

How? To the right. I’ve only ever turned left on leaving the Majestic so far.

I should have explored more. There’s an offie much closer on turning right. And more. Japantown.

Whenever I travel, I have you’re a fucking idiot Ronald moments. This is one. I could have eaten here rather in that spookily-empty Chinese.

I’m learning about the history of the city, as well as of my own stupidity. My hotel I know predates the earthquake and fire.  Lots of the houses look Victorian. Then I find one with a date: 1878. Doesn’t look like the fire troubled this hill.

Almost forgot. Where am I going? Hippy central.

Having read the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers as a small child, and the classic “Needle Sharing on the Haight” as a sociology student, I couldn’t drop in San Francisco without dropping by its old hippy heaven. And Toronado. A legendary boozer.

The sun is shining almost as much as the arse of my kecks. That’s a bad thing. Not a huge fan of hot and sticky. Unless it’s a barbecue sauce.

Drugs Free Zone? Confiscating pensioners’ prescriptions are they? What total shite is that? You may as well declare an Air Free Zone or Dirt Free Zone. Ain’t never going to happen.

Despite the uphill section at the end, the walk is quite fun. In a sweaty really wishing I could afford a taxi sort of way.

Not sure what I expected of Haight Street. Fat Freddy, probably. He was always my favourite. The sort of chav to suck down suds with in a dive bar.

I’m surprised by how small an dive-bary Toronado is. That’s a pleasant surprise. The barman, a sort of burned out old hippy, is convincingly surly in his service. I’m warming to this place already. This is my natural habitat, gut leaning on the bar, my mind freewheeling. Nothing to do but drink and watch and listen. I love pubs.

Now isn’t that a coincidence? There are several Moonlight beers in their extensive cask list. The owner, Brian Hunt, is a friend. And a shit-hot brewer. Whom I'll be meeting later. I start with one of his classics:

Moonlight Death and Taxes $4
Nearly black, tanish head. Just noticed they have two cask Moonlight beers. Damn. Oh well, I wanted to try this again, anyway. Slightly metallic, smoke coffee and toffee. Chocolate, too.  This is nice. Fucking nice. Have a second pint nice.

Bum, bum, bum. I just filled my camera’s memory card. And I can’t work out how to delete images, old technophobe that I am.

God it’s cheap in here. Even cheaper than the prices on the menu. Must be some sort of happy hour because there’s a dollar off all the draughts. Cash only, mind you. Pay as you go. I do the leaving the change on the bar thing that I picked up when living in New York.

Time for another beer.

Moonlight Twist of Fate Bitter (cask) $4
Pretty dark for a Bitter. Just about in Dark Mild country. Fairly decent head and it’s in reasonable condition. I was a bit worried about that. Biscuity malt, a pleasant undertone of bitterness, carbonation as soft as a wimp’s handshake. Very drinkable.

Moonlight Bombay by Boat (cask) $4
Much paler than the last beer. More hoppy, unsurprisingly, similar carbonation soft as fresh puppy shit. Bit of citrus. Nice tasting bitterness again. Very nice. Again. Brian really can brew.

Pliny the Elder $5
Very pale yellow, fuck all head. I can smell it from here. Has than lemon washing up liquid thing going on. That is nice. Loads of hop flavour. I can see why people go so crazy over it.

It’s been a bit like a Brian tribute session – all his beers except Pliny. And that has a connection with him, too. It’s what he brought over for me last time he visited Amsterdam.

The barman is pretty cool in a Big Lebowski sort of way. Just asked him if they have Guinness American Lager. They don’t, so I’ve made do with another Pliny. That shows the power of advertising – I’ve seen TV ads for Guinness Lager.

I really like this place. The barman is starting to warm to me, even chatting a little. So different from the full-on trendiness of the Mikkeller Bar. And with much lower prices. 5$ for a US pint of Pliny – how reasonable is that?

I bravely return by foot. By a flatter route. I’m getting the hang of this San Francisco walking lark. In a boring, illogical European city, the streets would follow the contours of the land. And avoid unnecessary inclines.

Back in my room, I quickly unload images from camera card to flip flop. Want to do a bit of snapping tonight. I’ve a dinner date. With Brian Hunt. I couldn’t visit the Bay Area without seeing him. A cool bloke and talented brewer. As today has proved.

The traffic has him running a bit late. I don’t mind. The evening air is cool outside the hotel. And my mind can freewheel with no obligations other than having a good time.

Brian is as bearded, opinionated and fun as ever. We bumble back Haight-wards in his van. This time the venue is that Magnolia.

A very nice young lady gives us a tour of the brewery in the cellar. It’s pretty cramped, as you’d expect.

As I noticed yesterday, Magnolia is big on cask. Thinking about it, most of the places I’ve been to in the US in the last year or so have been. But perhaps that’s self-selecting. Brewers of English-style cask Ales are more likely to get in touch with me.

We sink a few pints, eat and chat. Mostly the latter, as I’m trying to keep my belly from resembling a hippo’s. And Brian has to drive home.

I pick up another couple of Racer 5s as a nightcap. To wash down my eye-closer Laphroaig. Sleep rushes towards me like a runaway train full of drunken soldiers.

Tomorrow I’ve an event with home brewers. Should be able to shift some books there, shouldn’t I?

Friday, 3 July 2015

Dutch Lager Styles 1870 - 1960 (part three)

The first Dutch Lagers
The Lagers initially brewed in Holland were called Beiersch and were in the Munich Dark Lager style. Munich beers were the prototypical Lagers and it was only when bottom-fermenting techniques spread outside Bavaria that Lagers began to be brewed in other hues.

Dutch  Beiersch was roughly the equivalent of a Munich Sommerbier or Lagerbier. It had a gravity higher than Pilsener – 13º to 14º Plato, was less lightly hopped and more poorly attenuated than Lager of the Pilsener type.

Gerstebier was originally a top-fermenting style, but Heineken used the name for a cheap and cheerful type of Lager.  Baartz, of Oranjeboom in Rotterdam, described Gerstebier in 1884 as "although a bottom-fermented beer, it is of a low gravity and not lagered, and is a beer quick to make for a significantly lower price" ("een weliswaar ondergistend bier, maar van licht gehalte en geen Lagerbier, maar een bier van snelle confectie en tot belangrijk lager prijs").*

Though this may well just be sour grapes on the part of Mr. Baartz. From other sources it seems that Gerste Bier was lagered.

Gerste Bier was brewed with Heinieken’s D strain of yeast, while the posher beers were brewed with their A strain, the one they still use today.

Beers called Vienna or Wiener – both Amstel and Heineken brewed one at some point – were presumably amber in the Austrian style.

Culmbacher, named after the Franconian town of Kulmbach, was a style brewed in several countries when Lager first began to spread from Central Europe. It was a very dark, almost black, Lager which was hopped at three times the rate of Munich Lagers.

Hopping rate per 100 pounds of beer
place beer lbs hops
Munich Sommerbier 4
Munich Winterbier 2.3
Bamberg Sommerbier 8
Bamberg Winterbier 4.4
Kulmbach Sommerbier 12
Kulmbach Winterbier 4
Karlsruhe Sommerbier 7
Karlsruhe Winterbier 2.9
Bohemia Sommerbier 3.3
Bohemia Winterbier 2.2
Prague Sommerbier 4.4
England Porter 12
England IPA 32
Scotland Ale 12
Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für öffentliche Gesundheitspflege, Volume 2, 1870, page 276.

Dortmunder, or Export, was originally slightly higher gravity than Pils and not as heavily hopped.

The Culmbacher and Vienna styles didn’t last that long in Holland.

Early Pils
The first mention I can find of Dutch-brewed Pilsener is from 1879. It wasn’t brewed in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but in Amersfoort:

Het Nieuws van den Dag, 15-10-1879, page 4.

The first advert for their Pilsener I can find is dated 5th March 1879.

* "Korte Geschiedenis der Heineken's Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij N.V. 1873 - 1948", by H. A. Korthals, 1948, page 96.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

That’s my country!

My joy at awaking every morning grows as the years are grated off my life’s cheese. Why do I like grilled sandwiches so much?

Disillusioned by yesterday’s breakfast fiasco, I choose the lazy option. And smash my fast with a huge hammer in the hotel. A bacon and egg hammer.

Posh, but near empty is the dining room. I check the menu. No nasty orange-shaped shocks today.

My charming waitress has an unnerving nametag: Nookie. Carry On films can’t be big over here. It’s only when the women’s footie comes on in the bar that I understand.

“That’s my country!” she tells the barman when she hears the anthem. Norway vs. Thailand is the match. I hope she isn’t too disappointed by the result. Thailand gets thumped four nil.

The eggy bacony stuff I stuff in my stuffing hole is dead good stuff. What’s on the dominoes today? Another expensive taxi ride.

Antsy doesn’t do justice to my mood. I even had the location wrong until 5 minutes ago. It’s not on hippy heaven Haight. But way out in the nobdocks. Taxi time.

American cities are a doddle to navigate. A simple grid pattern of numbered streets. I’m headed for 2505 3rd St. We pass 1st Street. 2nd. 3rd. 10th. 16th. Is it me, or are we going in totally the wrong direction? I’m tempted to say something. But I wouldn’t say goo to a boose. Taxi paranoia is kicking in big time.

Overcoming my Englishness, I mention the strange streeting to my driver. Third is a mutant, twisting off 90 degrees from its brothers. Right. I think. But we do arrive on an improbable 3rd intersecting with 20th. Where I make my next mistake.

Spotting something called Dogpatch I tell the driver we’ve arrived. Mmmm… Something doesn’t look right. The total lack of beer and a coffee theme suggest this might not be the right spot. Fuck. Where is it I’m heading again? I consult my trip document.

Bum. It has the wrong address. It has the Haight location. I’ve scribbled down an address. But it doesn’t seem to right.

I wander off down the street, hoping to stumble across it. Most people would just look it up on their phone. But I don’t have one that works in the US. I catch a group of young blokes coming out of a building. If they know where Magnolia is. They don’t. But do have working phones. A few ticks later I’m much wiser. I need to walk another block.

Magnolia Smokestack is, as you could probably guess, a combination of brewery and BBQ place. I can see how that could work.

Owner Dave McLean hasn’t arrived yet. I get a beer and my books out out back. In the brewery part of the building. As everywhere oak casks are stacked up against a wall. Oddly, most are from a distillery in Utah.

Dave arrives and we chat a little. It’s pretty quiet. And the people out the front look more interested in smoked meat that beer history. But I’ve a pint of cask Mild in my hand. The sun is shining outside and there are free sausages. Things could be a lot worse.

Eventually two people turn up. They’re late because they’d first gone to the Haight Magnolia. I wonder if there is anyone still at the wrong location.

The event is so low key, it’s subsonic. The worst turnout I can recall.

When Dave needs to leave, I hang around for some more cask and some BBQ. They give a month’s worth of meat of various delicious kinds. I’d look pregnant if I ate that lot. Luckily, this is the US. There’s a fridge in my hotel, too. I ask for a doggy bag.

The waitress looks at my tray and says “Death by barbecue.” She’s not far wrong.

Had a pretty nice nerdy chat about beer, even if my rucksack is still as full of books as when I arrived. After several pints of cask Mild and Porter, I’ve now moved on to the IPA. Mmm . . . cask IPA. My favourite sort. IPA flavour without all the fucking burping.

Proving Ground IPA
Pretty clear, a cask-style head. All that citrusy hop thing and low carbonation. Demonstrates why IPA works so well on cask. Hop flavour + drinkability.  I had a couple of keg Imperial Stouts earlier. The cask IPA is definitely going down more easily. With less burping. Go cask!

It’s getting dark by the time I ask them to call me a cab. I’m slightly disappointed no-one has answered: “OK, you’re a cab.”

It’s a long wait. A very long wait. After 30 minutes - and the third PCC car - I get bored. I go back inside and ask them to ring the cab company again.

“Are you headed for the city? I’m just finishing, I can take you.” A very friendly waitress says. That’s another $35 saved.

It’s too late to head anywhere else for a beer when I get back to my hotel. Instead a pick up a couple of bombers of Racer 5 in the nearest convenience store. That should keep me going until sleepytime time.

I’ve a free day tomorrow. One dedicated to fun, fun, fun. And dinner with an old friend.

Magnolia Smokestack
2505 3rd St,
San Francisco, CA 94107.
Tel:+1 415-864-7468